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Reasons to sign up today!

· To develop a positive relationship between owner and dog.
· To establish leadership with your dog with kindness and understanding.
· To develop basic skills needed for good manners. Example: Come, Down, Heel, Sit, Stay, etc.
· To help prevent behavioral problems.
· To develop social skills with other dogs.

Week One:

· Explain teaching tools.
· Establish leadership with handling each dog.
· Demonstrate basic leash manners.
· Cover Basic commands: Come, Heel, Watch Me and Off.
· Learning to return to owner at the end of the leash (Come).
· End with socialization and playtime.


Week Two:

· Refresh from previous weeks class. (come, heel, watch me, off)
· Question, answer period and address any problems.
· Learning to heel, sit from heel after halt, sit and stay on command.
· Learning to return to owner from the stay position.
· End with socialization and playtime.


Week Three:

· Refresh from previous weeks class.
· Question and answer period.
· Advanced heeling skills:  Wait, hurry, turns and patterns.
· Learn the stand command; practice stand from heel.
· Pick a trick to learn in week four.
· End with socialization and playtime.


Week Four:

· Refresh from previous weeks class.
· Question and answer period.
· Teaching down command. (advanced skill)
· Teach place command.
· Learn trick picked in week three.
· End with socialization and play time.


Week Five:

· Refresh from previous weeks class.
· Question and answer period.
· Demonstrate the skills you have acquired in the previous weeks classes at graduation.
· End with socialization and playtime.
· Receive your diploma and get picture taken.

Things you will need:  A flat collar or training collar; a leash that is at least 5 feet long; tasty treats, a favorite squeaky toy and proof of vaccinations.

Call Fairview Animal Clinic to sign up today! 615-799-2118
Limited space!  The fee is $50.00 for five classes.