Standard Services

For your exceptional pet, we offer the following:

  • Three potty breaks each day
  • Twice daily feeding (your food or Hill’s Sensitive Stomach)
  • Food and water intake (and eliminations) monitored daily and noted on Report Card
  • Soothing music
  • Noon-time treat on request by owner

Stay three nights or more and receive a cleansing bath at ½ price. Or, if you prefer, you may schedule to have your pet professionally groomed on their last day of boarding.
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Extra TLC:

Same as above plus any two of the following activities performed daily or every other day at $3.50 each:

  • Brush out
  • Extra walk
  • Scenic Walk
  • Fetch or playtime
  • Kitty Playhouse
  • Pet-n-cuddle
  • Mouse hunt (kitties love this-no live mice!)

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